Cancellation Policy

To provide a safe and secure shopping experience, we regularly monitor transactions for fraudulent activity. In the event of detecting any suspicious activity, SNS reserves the right to cancel all past, pending and future orders without any liability. SNS also reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders in scenarios like inaccuracies in pricing of Product on website. We may also require additional verification or information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order.

Cancellation of Bulk Orders

SNS may cancel any orders that classify as 'Bulk Order' under certain criteria at any stage of the product delivery. An order can be classified as 'Bulk Order' if it meets with the below mentioned criteria, and any additional criteria as defined by SNS:

  • Products ordered are not for self-consumption but for commercial resale
  • Multiple orders placed for same Product at the same address, depending on the product category
  • Bulk quantity of the same Product ordered
  • Invalid address given in order details
  • Any malpractice used to place the order

Order Amendment Policy: Customer Initiated Amendments

  • SNS will accept any order amendments till the time it has not been processed in our warehouse.
  • The customer is required to contact the SNS customer support team via phone +91 88263 52337 or mail us at for cancellation.
  • SNS's customer service team would initiate the cancellation requests on behalf of the customer.
  • Full order cancellation is allowed only if none of the product line has been processed in our warehouse.
  • Line cancellation for the entire line is allowed only if the specific order line has not been processed in our warehouse.
  • If the cancellation request is successful as per above conditions, SNS would cancel the order or entire line(s) as the case may be and refund the same to you as per SNS's refund policy.

Order Amendment Policy: SNS Initiated Amendments

During the order processing stage, there is a possibility that the product quantities required to fulfill an order are not completely available, for reasons such as physical product found to be damaged at the warehouse, product not traceable etc. SNS reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders in case of stock unavailability.

SNS's customer service team would initiate the communication to you, explaining the reason for such cancellation and initiate a refund to you as per SNS's refund policy.